AUSTRALIA2016 - finding all the Australian native citrus varieties
A new Citrus  from PNG:
Citrus wakonai
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Variegated citrus
Buddha's Hand Citron
Citrus aurantium 'Fasciata'
Limon Canaliculata           Hana Yuzu
Arancio Doppio 
The Bizzarria Story 
This web-site provides information and advice for non-commercial citrus growers, using my UK  plants as examples. It describes notable citrus specimens and collections that I have seen in the UK, Europe and around the world, with a special interest in native Australian citrus species and in frost-hardy citrus relatives.
Citrus Varieties:
Australian & Papua New Guinea Native Citrus::
Citrus australasica - Finger Lime ...Finger Limes in the Wild ...Wild Finger Lime - plant photos ...Finger Lime - fruit photos ...European Finger Limes? ...Baches Finger Limes Citrus australis - Round lime Citrus australis (2) ...(Micro)Citrus australis - nursery label Citrus inodora - Russel River lime Citrus garrawayi - Mount White lime ...Citrus garrawayi - photos ...Citrus garrawayi - photos 2022 Citrus warburgiana Citrus wintersii Citrus glauca - Desert lime Citrus glauca hybrids - EremoWhat? Citrus x virgata, Sydney Hybrid

Citrus gracilis (1) Citrus gracilis (2) Citrus gracilis (3) Citrus gracilis - herbarium sheets
Australian Native Citrus
Citrus trifoliata or Poncirus trifoliata
- the hardy Japanese Bitter Orange:

New Australian Hybrids Australian Blood Lime or Red Centre Lime CSIRO Limes - photos
Full index of UK specimens, some European & a few N. American About Citrus Trifoliata / Poncirus Trifoliata ...Where to see fruiting Citrus trifoliata in UK & N.Europe ...Interactive map of Citrus trifoliata specimens ...Fruit & flower photos ...Citrus trifoliata 'Flying Dragon' photos Variegated Citrus trifoliata seedlings

Citranges & Citrumelos
Citranges Citrange hybrids & Citrumelo An English Outdoor Ornamental Citrus Tree The Citrumelo of Nottingham Historic citranges - pictures ...Historic citranges text1 ...Historic citranges text2 ...Historic citranges text3 ...Historic citranges text4
A visit to Riverside, California ...Citrus State Historic Park ...Parent Washington Navel ...Parent Wsht Navel Historical Images ...UCR Citrus Variety Collection
Palace of Het Loo - national citrus collection Twickel Estate - national citrus collection ...Twickel's Chinottos
Citrus in Beijing IBCAS Botanic Garden Beijing
Citrus in Greece Citrons of Naxos
National Botanic Gardens Dublin
A Visit to Valencia and Valencian citrus

Citrus botanical names - taxonomy
A Bit of Botany ...Mandarin Names ...Citrus Hybrids Names
Faustrime fruit photos Faustrimedin fruit photos
Historic Citrus Catalogues
Rivers Catalogue 1897 Villa Hanbury, La Mortola - from 1889 Manville Nurseries, Lake George, Florida 1879
Growing Advice & Problems
Propagating Citrus Cultural Advice and Pest Control ...Citrus Leaf Miner ...Light Brown Apple Moth ...Harlequin Ladybird Rotting roots in potted citrus Mites under the Microscope
My Citrus Collection
Christmas Day Harvest 2003 New Years Day Harvest 2005 Hybridizing citrus Hybrid Seedlings 2003 & 2004 Hybrid Seedlings 2009 Hybrid Fruits 2010 Harvest November 2017
Citrus Relatives
Citrus relatives

My visits to 'citrus places':

Kew Gardens Peckover House Orange Trees The Seville Orange at Waterperry Gardens Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire Blickling Hall, Norfolk Birmingham & Leicester Botanical Gardens The World's Northernmost Fruiting Grapefruit? Lemon Trees, Victoria & Albert Museum, London The Isle of Wight Reads Nursery, Norfolk
Villa Hanbury, La Mortola ...Hortus Mortolensis La Citroniera at Venaria Reale palace, near Turin The Medici Citrus collections, Florence (Firenze), Italy ...Medici citrus photos (thumbnail index to 30 images) Villa Medicea Poggio a Caiano, near Florence, Italy Villa Grabau near Lucca, Tuscany Tintori's Hesperidarium ...Tintori's citrus plants 2004 (1) ...Tintori's citrus plants 2004 (2) ...Tintori's citrus plants 2007 (1) ...Tintori's citrus plants 2007 (2) ...more photos from Tintori Buggiano Castello citrus village, Tuscany, Italy Interactive map of 'citrus places' in Tuscany,Italy St. Dominic's Orange Tree at Santa Sabina, Rome Sorrento Lemons Naples Botanic Garden Palermo Botanical Garden Island of Pantelleria Walled Citrus Gardens
Chateau de Versailles A Visit to Corsica and Corsican citrus Les Agrumes de Menton ...Val Rahmeh ...L'Esquinade ...Palais Carnolès Pépinières Bachès citrus nursery

Citrus Books
Citrus Books on my bookshelf Volkamer's Hesperides - Title Page ...Limon Monstroso ...Bizzario ...Insects & Cuttings
Other Citrus Sites
Forums for Citrus Growers
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An amazing botanical search:
  The Quest for Wakonai!    
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Arancio in Limone or Limone Aranciata
Help locate some more of
Early Botanical Drawings of Citrus trifoliata
....finding Citrus inodora
....finding Citrus glauca
....finding Citrus garrawayi
....finding Citrus australis
....finding Citrus australasica
....finding Citrus gracilis part 1
....finding Citrus gracilis part2
Another botanical search:
100 year old Citrus
Myddleton House Gardens
Enfield, N. London
The Citrus Paintings of Medici artist Bartolomeo Bimbi
Arance, bergamotti, cedri, limoni e lumie, 1715 
Melangolo, cedri e limoni, 1715
Arance, cedri, lime, limoni e lumie, 1715
Arance, lime, limoni e lumie, 1715
Citrus & Citroid collection, Rimba Ilmu, Malaysia
Here are some citrus flower photos taken of my collection in the UK in early June 2018. Not all are to the same scale.
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Benton Citrange
London's Outdoor Citrus Trees
Botanical drawings & leaf shapes Historic Microcitrus fruits preserved at Kew Saga University Microcitrus Hybrids

Citrus gracilis 2019
finding Citrus glauca finding Citrus australis finding Citrus australasica finding Citrus garrawayi finding Citrus inodora finding Citrus gracilis part1 finding Citrus gracilis part2
Sayer Road, Darwin Daly River Road, NT The Pines Lakefield Station Inside Citrus gracilis fruits
The most comprehensive information on the web - and mostly first-hand!
Citrus Gracilis
Another Australian adventure.
Citrus gracilis 2019