Retired French maths teacher Sylvain Jousse has worked tirelessly to prepare the information saved so that it could be
presented again in the most useful way possible, with all the links and images working correctly. The whole forum has now been
rebuilt - although in 'read-only' form, so no new contributions are possible. Hopefully, Laaz will be pleased with the result!
The Citrus Growers Forum was in operation for almost 10 years from November 2005. It was set up by Laaz (real name Todd Ö)
from South Carolina, using as the host. There were many different groups using the forumup system, all based on
software by phpBB, but eventually the hostís owners and operators lost interest and the system stopped working.
The Citrus Growers Forum contained a huge wealth of information and photos, provided by contributors from around the world. It answered questions from new citrus growers and experts alike. In order to preserve such a valuable resource, the whole forum was downloaded and saved before it finally disappeared.
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The Citrus Growers Forum
page created 10th Feb 2018
Active Citrus Forums:                                            
Mainly in French, but many members understand English. Non-commercial forum.
Citrus sub-division of the USA-based Tropical Fruit Forum. Non-commercial forum.
Formerly run by GardenWeb, now part of the Houzz company.