Bartolomeo Bimbi (1648-1723)
Florentine still life painter for the Medicis
Bimbi painted four oil painting tableaux of citrus fruits, now housed in the Museo della Natura Morta (Poggio a Caiano) near Florence. All the paintings appear to need cleaning - they are so dark as to make most of the leaves disappear into the background and the labels are often unreadable.
I have therefore reproduced paintings and the name keys here, with the aid of a book by Enrico Baldini. Please see all acknowledgements at the bottom of the page.
To assist in identification, while your mouse pointer is moved over the painting, the number key will appear. The number can then easily be matched to the citrus variety name given on the label below. Best viewed on a large screen, not a mobile phone!
Melangolo, cedri e limoni, 1715  Tab.IIa
Several versions and sizes of the paintings may be viewed and downloaded from wikimedia - click here.
Attribution Licence:
Bartolomeo Bimbi Sailko, Bartolomeo bimbi, arance, bergamotti, cedri, limoni e lumie, 1715, 01, size, colour, CC BY-SA 3.0
Key to citrus fruits from the book: Agrumi, frutta e uve nella Firenze di Bartolomeo Bimbi, pittore mediceo
Editor:   Enrico Baldini               Publisher:  Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, 1982

The keys to the other citrus paintings by Bartolomeo Bimbi are on the following website pages
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