Citrus gracilis 2019 .... at Sayer Road, Mcminns Lagoon, near Darwin, NT, Australia
This is probably now the nearest group of the species to Darwin. According to a long-standing nurseryman I spoke to, forty years ago there were several other examples in the Darwin area but they have now all been destroyed by land clearance, road and house building and  general neglect.
The Sayer Road group may also be in terminal decline. Although supposedly protected it is possible that the trees have been sprayed with herbicide designed to control the invasive Gamba Grass. The current drought won't be helping either. It may be too late, but I hope that TENPS (Top End Native Plant Society) will re-start its annual trip to care for these plants!
Many of the trees were dead, and there was very little green growth on those that remained. The suckers noted on my last visit in 2016 had mostly disappeared. I presume the spikes are Gamba Grass.

page created 21st September 2019
Citrus gracilis 2019     Daly River Road     The Pines     Lakefield Station     Inside the fruits
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