The two sheets shown above date from 1971 and are the holotype and an isotype from the same collection.
Unfortunately, the label location '5m. W. Humpy Doo' - presumably meaning 5 miles west of Humpty Doo - does not match the stated record co-ordinates. These give a location some miles south-east of Humpty Doo. So the exact location cannot now be ascertained.
Citrus gracilis herbarium sheets
Note that the leaves shown here are quite long and narrow, even though the tree is clearly mature enough to flower profusely.
The herbarium sheet shown on the right is from my 2016 collection of Citrus gracilis at Lakefield Station, south-west of Mataranka. See Australia 2016 - finding Citrus gracilis.  Note that the leaves here are much broader.
A very high definition version is available by clicking on the image.
WARNING - 23MB large image file download.
"Reproduced with permission from the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria."
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